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Coming January 7, 2003
Black Dynasty "Reality Check: Deep East" (Oakland, CA rappers)
Dawgs Debato "Tha Debato Project" (f/ D-Styles, D-Lyric, Red Bone, Kat Daddy, Killer Klown Klick, & more)
Dukes Click "The Dukes Click" (Chicano rappers)
Eazy-E "Eternal E: Best Of Eazy-E" (f/ Dr. Dre, MC Ren, Ice Cube, Naughty By Nature, & 2 bonus tracks)
Family Bizniz Clique (F.B.C.) "Born To Hustle" (f/ Mac Dre, Lieutenant, M-Sane, Ice, Mr. Marquis, & more)
40 Glocc "The Jackal" (f/ Snoop Dogg, Spice 1, Tray Dee, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Bad Azz, Mac Minister, & more)
N.W.A. "Greatest Hits"
Various Artists "Booty Bounce" (2 CD's- f/ 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan, Freak Nasty, DJ Smurf, & more)
Wreckshop Family "Dirty 3rd 2: Home Sweet Home" (DVD/VHS) (f/ Bun B, Scarface, Big Moe, Big Pokey, & more)

Coming January 14, 2003
Benzino "Redemption" (f/ Scarface, Petey Pablo, Jadakiss, Daz, Cadillac Tah, Black Child, Fatal, Lil Kim, & more)
Bug "Over The Years" (f/ Black Dog, Esavious Wright, & more)
C-Bo "Gas Chamber"
C-Bo "Mob Figaz" (f/ Yukmouth, Steady Mobbin, Spice 1, Outlawz, 3XKrazy, & more)
E-Roc "Greatest Hits" (Christian rapper)
Hogg Boss "Return Of The Boss" (Salt Lake City, Utah rapper)
Lil Cuete "There's Only One Way About It"
Max Kilbain "All Brick No Shake" (Nashville, TN rapper- f/ Kazz, Cents Da Weedhead, & more)
N-Kroud Kliq "Kroud Elation" (Los Angeles, CA rappers)
Red Dawg "Young & Restless" (f/ Mellow Mack, J-Down, Ice Gen, & more)
Redrum 781 "Fresh Off Lock" (f/ Fade Dogg & Essex, Rasheed, Blunt Master C, Poetic Vandalz, & more)
Remedy "Code: Red" (Wu Tang affiliate- f/ RZA, Shogun, Beretta, Sweetleaf, & more)
Screwed Up House "Volume 1" (chopped & screwed) (f/ Lil Flip & more)
38 Hot "Amabala" (Mobile, Alabama rapper- f/ Ivan The Terrible, Young Chopper, Spooney T, 10sion, & more)
Tru Thug "The Storm" (New Orleans rapper- f/ Menace, Ghinn, K-Os, & more)
Various Artists "Bang Em Where We Hang Em & Slang Em" (Jacksonville, FL compilation)
Various Artists "How We Do It"

Coming January 21, 2003
DJ Kizzy Rock "The Realist" (outta ATL- f/ B.G., Deuce Komradz, Jazze Pha, single "Get 'Em Up" w/ Ying Yang Twins)
Flo Mob "Flo Thousand Three: Supabaad" (Austin, TX rappers- f/ Bun B, Dot Kom, Mista J, Hard Head, & more)
Ill Matik "Vol. 1" (f/ Luni Coleone, Killa Tay, Marvaless, Young Droop, Joker, Maniac, Da Misses, & more)
Lil' D "I'm The Answer To The Millennium"
L.T.P. Records presents "We Made It Happen" (f/ Mr. Sche, South Coast Coalition, Mac & AK, Lil CS, K.H., & more)
Memphis Drama "Best Of Vol. 1 & 2: Chopped & Screwed Texas Style" (f/ Playa Fly, 8Ball & MJG, G. Blac, & more)
Solange "Solo Star" (Beyonce's sister- f/ N.O.R.E., Lil Romeo, Murphy Lee, Da Brat, & single "Feelin You" w/ Slim Thug)
Sole "Selling Live Water" (Portland, Maine rapper- f/ single "Salt On Everything")
Various Artists "Green Eyes" (f/ Mac Dre, San Quinn, Cellski, Smoov-E, & more)
Various Artists "The World Is A Ghetto" (f/ Rappin-4-Tay, Mr. Kee, Cougnut, Cellski, & more)
West Coast Ballin "Vol. 1" (f/ Twista, B-Legit, Yukmouth, X-Raided, Luni Coleone, Big Hollis, Niccademus, & more)

Coming January 28, 2003
Anamosity "Ghetto Tears"
BET presents Journeys In Black "Master P" (DVD & VHS) (BET profile on the true story of Master P)
Biker Boyz "Soundtrack" (f/ Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Swizz Beatz, Mos Def, Ron Isley, Loon, Cassidy, & more)
Blackstreet "No Diggety: Best Of Blackstreet"
Cabinet "Family Unity Over Money"
Crossing State Lines "Chopped & Screwed: Vol. 1" (f/ Lil Flip, Big Pokey, E-40, Brotha Lynch Hung, Kurupt, & more)
De La Soul "Spit Flows & Safety: Mixtape" (f/ Nas, Cam'Ron, Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killa, GZA, & more)
Destiny Of America (D.O.A) "Yukky" (TX rappers formerly known as Hit Squad)
DMG (of Facemob) "Black Roulette" (Rap-A-Lot Records release)
D.S.U. (Da Set Up) "Untouched & Alive" (Cleveland, OH rap duo Doc Scin & Tice Da Tryant)
Genesis "Straight From The Umbilical"
G-Wiz "Just Like You"
King George "Return Of The Kingpin"
Lil' Mac "It's My Turn" (Houston, TX rapper- f/ Billy Cook, Danny Boy, Evol, Jace, Kamil, & more)
Martinez "Movin Weight" (Atlanta, GA rapper- f/ Sean Paul of Youngbloodz, Witchdoctor, & more)
Mr. Sche "Lowlife Or Nolife" (Memphis rapper- f/ Immortal Lowlife, Boss Bytch, DJ Cree, Fiedien, Lil Dude, & more)
N.W.A. "Efil4zaggin"
Payper Profits "Freezin' All Assets" (f/ Big Moe, Baby Beesh, D-Gotti, Flatline, Lil Slo, & more)
Phalos Mode "PhalosAngeles"
Scarface "Greatest Hits: Chopped Up by Michael "5000" Watts" (Swishahouse remix)
Shut 'Em Down Family "From The Ghetto: Family Business" (f/ Ikeman, Big Flake, Villain, Sin, Filero, Big C, & more)
Slip-N-Slide Records presents "Trick Daddy: Uncut" (DVD) (f/ Ludacris, Big Boi, Trina, Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha, & more)
Slip-N-Slide Records presents "Trick Daddy: Uncut" (VHS) (f/ Ludacris, Big Boi, Trina, Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha, & more)
Spice 1 "Thug Disease" (f/ UGK, Juvenile, MJG, Kurupt, Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo, Bad Azz, & more)
Storm The Unpredictable "Amalgamation" (Washington, D.C. rapper)
Strict Flow "Without Further Ado" (Pittsburgh, PA rappers)
1DaBoy "Down South Texan" (Houston, TX rapper- f/ E-Class & more)
Z-Ro "Life" (screwed & chopped by Beltway 8)

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